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Please take a look at our available kittens and cats below.  All of our kittens/cats are rescues from various difficult situations. If you don’t see exactly what you have in mind please contact us anyway.  We have access to a large number of rescue groups and can probably find you what you are looking for.  There is a charge for the adoption to help us offset costs. If the cat or kitten has not been fixed we provide a spay/neuter certificate to have your new family member neutered or spayed at the proper time.
Thanks for your interest in adopting a kitten or cat!

Green Eyed Cat


Sly is a 2 1/2 year old gorgeous long haired black boy. He is a friendly & outgoing cat that thoroughly enjoys the company of other playful cats. Sly especially enjoys and expects quality time with his human family as well. Sly is a bit of a diva, but we think he deserves to be treated like a king! If you are interested in this stunning boy and opening up your home as his throne, please contact us.



Sophie is a 2 1/2-year old beautiful brown tabby girl with white paws and chest. Sophie was sadly found after she was abandoned in a shopping mart parking lot. Sophie was brought back to us, and we have discovered how sweet and gentle she truly is. Sophie has a sassy side, but she loves laps and snuggles. If you are interested in being Sophie's true forever family, please contact us.



Oliver is an affectionate 1 1/2-year-old tabby boy. He is playful and loves attention. Oliver may take a little while to warm up because his previous adopter returned him for personal reasons & to no fault of Oliver. He is wonderful with other cats & small dogs. We hope sweet Oliver will find a family that will love Oliver unconditionally & will give him his deserved forever home. If you are interested in being Oliver's forever family, please contact us.

We have kittens available for adoption. Our younger kittens are often adopted faster than we can update our website. Please visit us on Facebook for more up to date details on the kittens we have waiting for their forever families.

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HOUSING: We house our kittens/cats with loving foster parents that provide a loving and nurturing home environment.  This insures that all of our babies are socialized in a similar fashion which generates a consistent result – loving lap babies.  We do not have a shelter as we feel that the kittens/cats miss out on living and interacting full time with their human counterparts.  Please contact us and we will arrange with you to meet and visit with your potential new kitten or cat in person – either at our weekly Petco adoption events or in their home environment (as time and schedules permit).  Spend as much time as you desire getting to know your new addition as this is often a lifetime investment.  

One of our team will answer all your questions and review important information with you. We will help you decide what size, age, and temperament will most successfully meet your expectations. We will review information about your pet’s adjustment to his or her new home, house training, health concerns, vaccinations, nutrition, training, grooming, etc.

If you are an apartment dweller we ask that you provide us with proof that your pet deposit has been paid prior to the adoption.

Because adopting a kitten or cat is a family decision, we recommend that you bring your whole family, to meet your potential companion. 

Remember: We are here to help should questions or concerns arise, and we are committed to making each placement positive and permanent.  

APPLICANT REVIEW:  We review all applications to insure that all information that we require is included and up to date.  Missing information may require us to do additional research and may lengthen the adoption process so please provide all of the information requested to speed up the process.   

In some cases the fit just may not be there between one of our kittens/cats and the perspective adopter so MomaKat Rescue reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone that we deem unsuitable for properly caring for the cats/kittens under our protection.

ADOPTION FEES: Fees for adoption are $125.  We spay or neuter the kitten/cat or provide a spay/neuter certificate.  The adoption fee also covers services provided prior to adoption including: a well kitten visit to vet, a microchip, de-worming, FIV/Leukemia testing, flea treatment, and standard shots recommended for kittens/cats up to the adoption date.

We microchip our kittens/cats with Smart Tag microchips to help insure that they can be located if they are lost or get out of the home.