How MomaKat Rescue Began

Nine+ years ago we mounted our first rescue operation quite by accident.  On a hot July day  we discovered a beautiful yellow tabby kitten hobbling through the parking lot of a local grocery store.  The poor baby looked beaten down, hungry and ready to collapse at any minute.  We tried to approach the kitten but unfortunately it scampered back into the holly bushes out of our reach.  Not sure what to do we decided to purchase a can of cat food and returned to share it with our new friend.
To our surprise (and delight) several other kittens came out to enjoy the feast.  Our hearts went out to these beautiful, sweet creatures and we knew we could not abandon them. Thus started our journey to becoming a rescue and placement organization for kittens and cats.
By trial and error we have educated ourselves on how to safely trap and rescue cats/kittens, how to feed and manage cat colonies and have developed a network of folks who help us place our kittens in good homes.
With the support of local vets we have been able to display and successfully place 100% of our kittens to date but the task gets more challenging every week.
Our group has grown over the years but we still desperately need volunteers to help us manage our existing and new feral cat colonies.  If you can find it in your heart to help we could use your support.  In most cases it will only take an hour or two of your time and the rewards are enormous.

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